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Small body big market A Mu QiSheng to learn to win 2015 black horse Contest Champion


December 8th, the 2015 annual business community conference in Beijing International Conference Center hot start. Zhenge fund founding partner Xu Xiaoping, NLVC founder and director, general manager Deng Feng appeared 360 judges, chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi attended the meeting and speech.
In this Chinese top investors cited year-end feast, issued 2015 dark horse contest the national top ten awards. Advanced micro electro acoustic components - Changzhou A Mu Qi Acoustics Technology Co. company independent research and development of the moving iron unit, with its excellent product performance, strong technical reserves, the patent market prospects of the hardware industry group won the horse contest champion.
Dark horse contest by the Entrepreneur Magazine began in 2011, is the largest, most influential and authoritative venture capital and financing docking platform, known as venture capital industry, Oscar". Here is the perfect combination of technology and capital, is the beginning of the dream of many small and medium enterprises. Last year, a total of 1893 dark horse contest attracted entrepreneurs, 319 investors to participate in the project selection, complete the financing of 272, the amount of disclosure of financing for 3 billion 600 million yuan. This year's dark horse contest is more popular, statistical period, completed a total of 835 pen financing, the daily average of 2.33 pens; listed a total of 66, the average monthly 6 listed, complete financing amounted to 80 billion 369 million, compared to last year was as high as 20 times growth. The total financing of the top ten of the dark horse company, each financing amount is more than $50 million. Even after the capital "winter" in September, the dark horse of the financing still did not stop, the highest amount of financing reached $300 million.
Such a hot phenomenon of financing to map out the current venture capital to the new economy strongly optimistic about the same time, from the dark horse competition can also be deeply felt the current hot entrepreneurial trends: smart hardware, mobile medical, video applications...... , analysts pointed out that these representatives of the Chinese new generation of business with great potential, the next valuation of amazing Unicorn enterprises, may be contained in them.
2015 is undoubtedly a "pioneering era write a great deal about it". In the Chinese version of the industry 4, China made 2025 of the era, precision sensors, flexible manufacturing line integration and other fields are also developing rapidly. Changzhou this equipment manufacturing industry as the largest industry in the city, is a combination of cloud networking and traditional industries, driven by China's manufacturing industry to accelerate the transformation of China's wisdom, A Mu is the focus of attention.
A Mu odd: breaking the monopoly of technology in China
If it is not Amuch won the dark horse contest hardware team champion, may be very few people will know the high performance of the technology of micro speaker peak --- the research and development of the iron and iron unit and manufacturing technology has been monopolized by foreign countries.
Amuch industry belongs to the high precision acoustic components industry, even iron unit, also known as micro balanced armature driver unit (Miniature Balanced Armature Drivers Unit), is not known to the public. It is a kind of high precision micro electro acoustic devices, widely used in hearing aids, have a fever level headset etc.. The core technology of monopolized by European companies now for 60 years, and is currently the world's only 3 international companies have production capacity.
Under this monopoly pattern:
After more than 5 years of painstaking research, A Mu has finally developed a micro balance driving unit (dynamic iron unit) of the Chinese people, and successfully filled the gaps in the field of precision acoustic manufacturing. This first came to power, the dark horse ten, to the world issued a "Chinese creation" of the cry.
Strong R & D strength is the fundamental to achieve self breakthrough, fast sweeping the market A Mu. The company currently has 40 patents, 5 PCT patents, and 28 patents are being accepted. In addition, the company's products have been through a number of domestic and foreign manufacturers of quality verification and patent investigation, the successful implementation of the technology for this card, open the market quickly cut into the foundation.
The broad market space is the guarantee of A Mu's continued growth. According to statistics, in 2014 global sales of 2 billion 300 million headset, ear headset and iron accounted for 32.2%; sales of about 2 million, In-Ear Earphones accounted for only 0.27% of total sales, a huge space for development. Insiders pointed out that the current moving iron headset is subject to the cost of the volume, if the moving iron unit headset do 99-299 yuan, the market structure will change, and even have the opportunity to become the high-end models of the factory standard, and Amuch is expected to become the driving force of moving iron the popularity of the headset.
Currently A Mu odd single month production and sales have more than 500 thousand, has been equipped with production capacity, and the service of the brand is sweeping the country's outer ring rail headset market, one in one fell swoop to get the first ring rail headset category sales. Is expected in 2016 will achieve 4 times the growth, to achieve the sales volume of.

For the future, innovation and breakthrough is still the theme of A Mu's great concentration management. The company will always adhere to the scientific and technological creation value of the enterprise mission, through the promotion of national industrial innovation and hard work spirit, will be high-tech products and general consumer electronics, to promote audio products specialization, diversification and popularization of a new round of technological revolution and hard work.

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