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Dean of Peking Guanghua School of Management,Peking University for the investigation of acoustic A Mu Qi


Peking University Guanghua School of management (Guanghua School of management, Peking University) referred to as Peking University Guanghua, predecessor is established in 1980, Beijing University, Department of economics, national economics and management professional. 1985 the professional independence from the economy, as the Department of economic management, Peking University, 1994 officially changed its name to Guanghua School of Management. Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, relying on the profound historical heritage and cultural heritage of Peking University, as the main business management education in Beijing University, is one of the most outstanding business schools in the Asia Pacific region. To create management knowledge, to foster business leaders, to promote social progress as the mission, undergraduate, graduate students, financial master, EMBA, MPAcc, MBA, senior management education and other courses have received international authoritative certification. Guanghua School of Management has a first-class faculty, including honorary president Li Yining professor and Professor Cai Hongbin, the current president, a group of teaching and scientific research backbone, with a wide range of influence at home and abroad. 2013 China's top ten in the top. The investigation and research, the president Amuch fully affirmed the innovative, pragmatic, hard-working spirit, and put forward a lot of valuable advice and suggestions.

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