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"Excellence plan" to promote the first in Beijing Zhongguancun


On the afternoon of May 12, Amu odd by invited to held in Beijing's Zhongguancun Street "north and South polymerization to build a business ecosystem -- Changzhou themes open day" activities, promote Changzhou City Dragon excellence program, to attract top talent to come to our city innovation and entrepreneurship. Municipal Standing Committee, organization minister Zhang Chunfu attended the event and delivered a speech.
Zhang Chunfu said that as of the end of last year, Changzhou has introduced a total of settled collar in talent innovation and entrepreneurship projects more than 1300, entrepreneurial enterprises achieved a total sales 5.148 billion yuan, an increase of 77%, which sales of over a hundred million have 12, these enterprises has become the economic development in Changzhou new growth point and latent points. He said that currently the city is facing major strategic opportunities Modernization Demonstration Areas in southern Jiangsu and Sunan national independent innovation demonstration area construction, will pay Xiancai, make high-end talent in Changzhou flourish; sincerely open our mind, so that all types of capital in Changzhou competing together; go all out to optimize the environment, let Happo talents in Changzhou to realize their dreams.
In recent years, Changzhou City in-depth implementation of dragon excellence plan and optimize, major talent project, special support programs, such as the key support for the project, to give priority to supporting the project, cultivating and supporting projects to give different levels of funding and policy support, at the same time, to lead in poineering person to give the corresponding funding. The city also from the venture support, capital docking, financial support, scientific and technological support, life support and incentives to promote policy innovation, forming a comprehensive set of integrated policy system.
Activities from Changzhou four innovative entrepreneurial projects and from Beijing seven projects roadshow, and selected the Five Dragon Award "excellent project.
More than 100 domestic and foreign well-known venture capitalists and more than 50 business representatives to participate in the activities, we have to go to Changzhou to invest in a strong interest in the venture, a number of projects carried out on-site docking.

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