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Armature, invited to the 2015 China - Changzhou Yangtze River Delta Internet conference


May 17, 2015, A Mu invited to participate in the 2015 China - Changzhou Yangtze River Delta Internet conference"

Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee to start the ball press conference. Municipal Standing Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of science and Education City, Xu Guanghui delivered a speech. Provincial Commission by letter, the Provincial Radio Management Bureau, the provincial communications authority,

Provincial mobile communications group Jiangsu branch and other leaders attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

2015 China - Changzhou Yangtze River Delta Internet Conference held by the Changzhou science and Technology City Management Committee, is a very influential IT thought feast, the General Assembly invited the government, colleges and universities,

Research institutes, companies and other Internet industry leader together to discuss how to under the new economic norm, seize the opportunities in the tide of Internet, promote the integration of Yangtze River Delta traditional industry and the Internet industry.

Accelerate the transformation of industrial structure in the Yangtze River Delta region, and enhance the Yangtze River Delta in the Internet industry's influence, to create a common Internet Ecosystem in the Yangtze River delta.

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